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Educational Research, Assessment and Evaluation, Planning, and Analysis.

Right Research, LLC is an educational research and consulting firm that provides practical solutions to critical evidence-based issues requiring educational research, assessment and evaluation, planning, and analysis. We employ straightforward methods to provide you with clear solutions by utilizing simple and practical frameworks.

Right Research Strategy

We help our clients navigate the quest to attaining clear discernible outcomes by:

Assessing Right Now

Determining the current status quo and identifying the problem or gap.

Asking the Right Questions

Seeks to directly address a problem or gap.

Having the Right Aim

Asking relevant and targeted questions in relationship to the identified gap.

Selecting the Right Data

Targeted specifically at, or aligned with, the gap—as well as having the right instrument for data collection. Avoid arbitrary data mining.

Performing a simple quality check for the Right Results

Relevancy, clarity, and data disparity.

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